Keeping promises

Making a comeback

Posted on December 24, 2020

It’s been a while since I made my last blog post even though I initially intended for it to be a weekly thing.

I made the goal of weekly writing but before I knew it my responsibilities caught up to me and I wasn’t able to think of anything new to write since all I had on my mind was school and work.

I’ve been feeling bad about putting this endeavour on the backburner since my intention with doing something new was to find something I’m passionate about and make time to do it consistently. Work recently ended and my next school term isn’t for a few weeks, so I thought now would be the best time as any to pick this back up and actually be consistent this time around.

I hope to make regular writing a habit so no matter how busy I am, it doesn’t seem like writing is something on my to-do list but something I just do out of a force of habit.

I know there will still be weeks I miss but I hope to not have those unintended breaks aggregate into a longer hiatus similar to the last 6 week break I unintentionally took. Having said that, you can definitely expect more consistent posts on this page in the future and if anyone has been checking back regularly awaiting my next post, I’m sorry to have let you down and assure you I do intend to keep this promise of regular writing and consistent posts.

For now, I hope you all enjoy the holidays and are able to make the most out of the current situation we're in.